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Moto G4 Plus Hands On And Comparison With Redmi Note 3 by Rohit Khurana

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38 Comments on Moto G4 Plus Hands On And Comparison With Redmi Note 3 | Intellect Digest

  1. my bro in law is a normal user and wants a good camera and brand phone. So please tell me shall I buy moto g4 plus or galaxy s5 for him? what about zuk z1 compared to this?

  2. specs wise, redmi note packs a better gpu (adreno 510 in note 3 vs the adreno 405 in g4 plus) and a faster cpu (cortex a72 vs cortex a53), and also an ir blaster, which imo, is an extremely underrated feature in a phone.. all this while also being around 3k less in price for a similarly specced g4 plus model. what the g4 has in its favor tho is the extremely better after sales service and one of the fastest updates among all of the android phones.. tbh, me being extremely choosy about the specs, i'll defo go for the redmi note 3, but credit where it's due, g4 is certainly an enticing option for even people who like to have better specs at lower prices, and i am sure that it is going to sell like hot pancakes..

  3. in my opinion moto is best than xiaomi although it is a bit higher price than redmi note 3. Because xiaomi doesn't provide good after sale services and also xiaomi phones screen quality aren't good, because 3 of my friends are xiaomi user & they have faced a problem with their phone display after some month usage. Guys please think twice before you buy phones of less prices with max features. Thank you.

  4. messed up design… no metal… what's happening …moto g3 looks better than this…. is lenevo ruining Motorola brand and 15k price under such market competition….. at least they could have used metallic frame….

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