Moto G4 Plus Gaming Review – Severe Overheating Issues

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Moto G4 Plus Gaming Review with 9 popular games, heating issues test. We played several games on the Moto G4 Plus, Asphalt 8, FIFA 16, MC5, NOVA 3, GTA San Andreas and more.

The Moto G4 Plus runs on the Snapdragon 617 with Adreno 405 GPU, 3GB RAM, 32GB storage, Android Marshmallow.

Here are all the games we played on the Moto G4 Plus:
1. Subway Surfers (00:23)
2. Riptide GP2 (00:40)
3. NFS: Most Wanted (00:58)
4. Dead Trigger 2 (01:45)
5. FIFA 16 (02:22)
6. Asphalt 8 Airborne (02:46)
7. Modern Combat 5 (03:48)
8. NOVA 3 (04:44)
9. GTA: San Andreas (05:41)

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44 Comments on Moto G4 Plus Gaming Review – Severe Overheating Issues

  1. my phone is 4 days old n it started heating badly even during charging … is it normal or i got a defective piece … help me plz …fast … so tht i can replace d phone

  2. Lol for me NFS didn't heat up more than 42 but MC5 got it to 48. This is clearly a case of apps not being optimized for SD 617 in my G4 plus 🙂 No overheating for me in any other task though. (Overheating is when it goes above 46-48. Trust me I'm in this field)

  3. Hey phonebunch iam right now using Moto g4 plus with normal usage it is OK but with extended gaming it is heating a lot and starts lagging I've been a Motorola fan boy for past years I don't wanna go with other brands much but this g4 plus is not performing so good is there any solution for that do any future andriod updates fix this issue should I stick with this phone or should I buy zuk z1 please sir reply

  4. Does Moto G4 plus heat on playing games like Clash Royale,Boom Beach,etc. ?
    And as this doesn't have Compass, what problems shall I face in maps and other applications ?

  5. +PhoneBunch being one of the most trusted techno journalist of india. did you report this issue to Lenovo? The snapdragon 615 did not have any overheating issue on the moto x play and also on a few other phones it did quite well, so is there any possibility that the issue will be solved in the upcoming future? please do report this to Lenovo, I am going to buy a smartphone soon and confused between moto g4 plus and Redmi note 3, if moto can solve this issue with moto g4 plus, then I would definitely get one

  6. @PhoneBunch this behaves almost exactly like both my Nexus 6P and my DT2/MXF. Both get about 45°C after about 10-15 minutes, and I've not had problems with lag with either phone. The max I have seen from my MXF was 52°, after 30 min. of Asphalt 8, but it cooled off to 50° and maintained after another 30 min of gameplay. It never lagged during gameplay, and never got hotter than 52°. My Nexus 6P on the other hand got about 49° after about 30 min. of Asphalt 8, which was the max, and after another 30 min, it cooled to about 46-47°. However, there were a very few number of frame drops, as the thermal throttling seems to be a little more aggressive on my Nexus 6P than my DT2, which is why it was cooler, but had that little bit of lag. It was minor, though.

  7. 1 can you check the map, heard it's not working properly due to some compass issue.
    2 is there a FM radio and does it have a record option (buying for my father, he wants it XD)
    3 how's the battery backup? how many hours running?
    4 also it gets heated a lot during sunlight and the camera and entire phone lags and you can't do anything. is that true?

  8. Heating issue on Moto G4 is a significant observation. In general understanding, Snapdragon 617 is almost the same as 615 both in terms of performance and heating issues. This is where Moto will have to fight as for about 4k less you get the REdmi note 3 with Snapdragon 650. And I havent really heard any heating issues with Note 3. Yeah camera and software is better on Moto though.

  9. Please dude, don't use terms like no-frame-drop or no lag or super smooth. It clearly isn't. I mean it's running really well, all games besides FIFA. But it really is far from silky smooth as you describe it. Just be a bit more clever about the terms that you use. I hope you don't use these terms because you're payed to give it a better review

  10. seem's like redmi note going to win this race with bunch of useful thing n speed of cell was awesome….. my only confusion before buying cell is the ir blaster n u help me out of this thanks buddy…

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