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**Shot on RED** We Review the Moto G4 Plus ! If you wish to buy this phone Click Here :
We tested the phone for 7 Days before giving our review.
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48 Comments on Moto G4 Plus Full Review – iGyaan

  1. thankx bro. its nice video
    the main drawback with Motorola phones are they don't provide call recordings even 3rd party, r they providing call recording in g4 plus?
    I love moto because Speekar quality is awesome.
    are u satisfied with Speekar quality.
    Cp Jigs

  2. seems like iGyaan reviews are biased in favour of Motorola.You said the phone is extremely stable & no overheating issues ,multiple reviewers says that it crosses 45C mark within 15 minutes of Gaming or keeping the Camera app open for about 30 minutes .& the UI lags which you didn't mention….What would you do with the Device in those 7 days?

  3. The Moto G4 heats up like crazy while extensive gaming and use of camera in all reviews elsewhere, r u sure ur not misleading saying that SD 617 chip is not heating up considerably?

  4. ..Keep on launching new phones….whereas people who have already bought the previous expensive ones are now getting a very rude, unprofessional experience at your Service Centers,even if your phone hang service center take more than a month to repair it and doesnt even offer a spare phone…Guys beware and Buy at your own risk…Worst service ever experienced from any Mobile Company.

  5. I always appreciate your review,Yes there is little heating during initial quick charge but goes off when reached above 40-50% charge,other features are good.I feel there are no other issues with this model.
    Noticed one issue with my Moto 32GB variant not sure if it is software or hardware please kindly suggest on the below:
    When we check ABOUT PHONE> HARWARE INFO> for 32 GB variant it shows as 16GB ROM,doubt if this malfunction of software or cheating by local vendor to create extra free space on 16 GB ROM by compressing and getting 25 GB free space which it showing it now.? but i can see 3GB of RAM.
    Should i go for replacement ?

  6. Is it true that moto G4 has some real heating issue with normal usage like operating internet through wifi, at the time of using camera, charging and watching tv series on it ? ….. I am noticed most of the buyer from amazon complaining about the phone regarding heating issue, even those are rate this phone 5 & 4 star,  they mention the heating issue in there review with some positive note. In my knowledge heating issue is not good for phone's longevity. I am thinking to buy this phone.  I want your opinion regarding this matter. Help me !

  7. Got Moto G4 PLUS !! Looks nice, delivered in 4 days. Light weight, sleek. Some features are good, speed is good, nominal heating is there. There is no default Photo Gallery and Email client applications. Can any body suggest apps of this ?

  8. Hi Bharat, i really like the way u review cell phones which no one does in so detail and technical form. I am planning to buy a smart phone in and ROUND 15K BUDGET. I can wait for few more days if any new good phone going to be launched soon. Kindly suggest me. I was looking in to Le Eco 1s, Micromax Canvas 6, MotoG 4 Plus, Xiaomi Mi4i, Redmi 3 pro etc. My requirement is 5 inch display (but the fact is very rare good options are available in this screen size, which is bad!), expandable memory, light weight, good and smart looking, dual sim, Good battery with mimimum 3GB RAM. Thank you.

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