Moto G4 Plus : First impressions | First Look

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Lenovo has unveiled the much-awaited smartphones in the Moto G series- the Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus in India today.

Here’s the first impression of Moto G4 Plus.

Moto G4 Plus price in india are as follows
2GB RAM 16GB ROM – 13,499
3GB RAM 32GB ROM – 14,999

Moto G4 price in india will be announced next month

Moto G4 Plus :Review | Overview | First Impressions [Hindi]

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Moto G4 Plus available on Amazon at

Moto G4 specifications at:

Read about Moto G4 Plus launch event here:

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43 Comments on Moto G4 Plus : First impressions | First Look

  1. I am gradually falling in love with this baby. I am using the Moto G 1st Gen (8GB) for more than 2 years now and I am extremely satisfied with my darling. But seeing the Lenovo branding, I am not happy. Cuz, Lenovo and other phone companies like these are reputed for twisting things from purity into some hybrid shit. I don't like that. But I can see that the Moto G has not been messed around with Lenovo craps. Then another nightmare comes holding hands with Amazon. I am in a committed relationship with Flipkart (I believe many of us are in) which had started with my first smartphone buy and grown over years ever since. So, I am a bit skeptical about buying it from a jungle (Amazon). Anyway lets see what it leads us to. Would rather wait for a while until the reviews come out.

  2. selfie camera comparison, headphone quality/loudness comparison between
    xiaomi note 3
    xperia xa ultra (when it gets launched)
    meizu note 3/ MX pro 6
    huawei honor 5x /p9 (plus/lite)
    Motorola g4 plus /lenovo k5 note
    guys copy- paste this message on as many YouTube review channels/blogs/websites (like gogi/ndtv) etc


  3. The Moto G4 and the G4 plus are the same size. It is the G4 Play that is the 5" display. The only main differences between the G4 and the G4 plus are the fingerprint sensor and the camera, being a 16mp with laser auto focus and phase detection auto focus on the G4 plus, while the G4 has a 13mp sensor.

  4. Why the hell are these companies using weak and heating 61x processor when the redmi note 3 has shown that 650 is a beast. If only this phone had snapdragon 650. I will wait for a phone with that processor.

  5. hey do u get all this devices for free from the companies to do a review and unboxing video

    and if yes then how to apply for it and what are the necessities for it to get it
    and is it a contract

    reply faster

  6. Hi..I ordered this on amazon..I want to know about the
    fingerprint sensor. Which other things can i do with fingerprint
    sesor??? Can i lock gallery, some apps, take picture with this???? pls
    let me know….

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