Moto G4 Plus Camera Review!

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In this video let’s take a close look at both the 16mp rear camera and the 5mp front facing cameras of the new Moto G4 Plus from Lenovo.

Where to Buy the Moto G4 Plus?

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48 Comments on Moto G4 Plus Camera Review!

  1. Posted this in the full review but to anyone else watching…

    Got a question. Am looking at either the moto g4 or the oneplus 3 and I
    really want something that is going to take close up filming of
    Tarantulas (yes I know a bit weird. There's a few nice Indian species
    btw which look spectacular) so I want something that's going to do their
    colours justice (plus there might be quite a bit of action i.e
    feeding). You will probably tell me I should use perhaps a prof camera
    but ideally I want (and need) a phone that can do this. (and for me
    spending £500 on a flagship that is superceded in a few years is a bit
    of a rip off).

    My clips can be done in segments and then I edit the videos so I guess
    the over heating of the G4 plus wouldnt be an issue. And I guess it's
    best to see what the oneplus 3 delivers no? (I dont game on a phone nor
    am a heavy user). But I think you said the oneplus isnt best for camera.
    (am using a canon ixus atm and struggling to get things in focus i.e
    its not autofocus. 4 yrs old).

    So you think the Moto g4 ok for close up filming mostly? (as I dont that
    many T's at the moment I wouldnt have thought I will be making vid
    longer than say 10 or so mins). Or anyone else with a good mid range
    choice for best video filming iphone?

  2. Hi, I'm searching for best camera mobile under 15k , I'm getting confused which is the best camera mobile. I have chosen moto g4+ or zenfone Max, laser 2 5.5 or lenova Z1 and ect, please suggest me which one is best . Thanks in advance .

  3. best budget camera phone under 15k
    i can say the camera is equally good as iPhone 6s.
    heating issues are normal with all the phones. The higher the processors the more the cores and more the tweaking powet and more the device heats up. This phone hets warm not hot. Best budget phone. Don't think anymore just go for it :)

  4. i dont know how a big reviewer like you ignoring this but this phone misses on magnetic sensor.

    The Magnetic sensor will show minute details like change in your orientation as well. You can change your direction and you will be able to see that on your smartphone screen. This is particularly help full when you are using navigation on foot. In the Absence of magnetic senor you can see your position on the Map but, not your orientation. the Map doesn’t rotate when you do. Magnetic sensor helps you to take that first step in the correct direction with the help of the direction pointer.

  5. Hey nigga cool moto review g4 plus. This city where you are is identical in biodiversity and buildings with several Brazilian neighborhoods. Initially I considered to be a neighborhood of São Paulo, when I realized that it was not the Brazil ! PS My english is a shit

  6. how can we see photos in moto g4 plus.. bcoz i dint get photo gallery in my g4 plus .. i have to download it frm playstore or wht..? n wht one to download???? plzz tell me

  7. ~ 540p slo-mo? LMAO

    ~ Focus bugs have always plagued Moto series

    ~ Panorama mode is a joke

    There's a reason iPhone is the gold standard, and this further confirms it. Nice review, I'll still give one a try 🙂 God bless you my friend,

    Matt, England.

  8. is it good in battery department? I need around 6 hours of SoT with 3g on throughout the day.Social media apps like FB Quora and twitter and some random YouTube videos are major parts of my daily usage.

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