Moto G4 Plus 2016 Review: Definite verdict with pros and cons | Should you buy it?

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Moto G4 Plus review is here! Lenovo unveiled the Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus this week, so we reviewed the later for you. We go through all the pros and cons and tell you if or not should you buy it!

Moto G4 Plus price in india is 13,499 Rs.

Moto G4 Plus: Review | Overview | First Impressions [Hindi] at:

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Moto G4 Plus : First impressions | First Look at:

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39 Comments on Moto G4 Plus 2016 Review: Definite verdict with pros and cons | Should you buy it?

  1. i bought this mbl.. while playing candy crush game.. and clash of clans.. its is reducing 2 percentage charge in 4 mints.. and while playing movie.. it is reducing 4 percentage charge in 15 min.. does this same happens in your mobile

  2. much awaited video. thanks bro. . i was thinking of buying this phone for making youtube videos because i am planning to change my phone. but I cant spend capital amount in a dslr now. Am just starting. would u recommend this device for that purpose? if no then any other option under 20k that has good camera for video recording. pls reply wd buy in a week.

  3. Noticed one issue with my Moto 32GB variant not sure if it is software or hardware please kindly suggest on the below:
    When we check ABOUT PHONE> HARWARE INFO> for 32 GB variant it shows as 16GB ROM,doubt if this malfunction of software.Should i go for replacement ? Flash light is bit yellowish. why ?

  4. hey 91mobiles there was a small confusion I got to know that the internal storage on the moto g4 plus can be increased by sacrificing some storage from the microSD card………….is this true???? during the first boot

  5. Hello Guys, Can anyone help me select between Oppo F1, Samsung j7, Moto G4 plus and le eco 1s please? I am looking into performance and atleast a long run phone for upto 2-3 yrs of consistent performance and smoothness. Thanks in advance.

  6. 2:58 no noo…moto G3 did not had dual front facing speakers my friend…you must know that!Don't be fooled by the dual speaker grills,the upper one was only for the earpiece on the Moto G3.The difference is that the speaker is now in upper part, above the display not below as it was on the Moto G3….I wonder if the speaker being in the upper part will influence the sound in the earpiece during calls…I just hate it when everybody can hear what the other person talk to me when it;s quiet in the room..this problem was on the Moto G2.

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