Moto G and G Plus are powerful, water resistant and cheap

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Motorola’s new phones look to continue its winning streak of powerful Android tech that won’t break the bank.

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36 Comments on Moto G and G Plus are powerful, water resistant and cheap

  1. The plus seems pointless if it's only different because of the 16 megapixel camera than the 13 on the standard. They could've at least made the plus made out of aluminum or have the frame made out of it so it would sort be worth the extra money.

  2. selfie camera comparison, headphone quality/loudness comparison between
    xiaomi note 3
    xperia xa ultra (when it gets launched)
    meizu note 3/ MX pro 6
    huawei honor 5x /p9 (plus/lite)
    Motorola g4 plus /lenovo k5 note
    guys copy- paste this message on as many YouTube review channels/blogs/websites (like gogi/ndtv) etc

    please cnet

  3. Now that Lenovo is completely in charge of the design and production of Motorola phones, I can sadly say that I will never consider Motorola phones ever again. Because the real Motorola is no more. If you have ever used any Lenovo phones you'll know what I'm talking about. Right now they're still making decent phones to lure American and European users in, who knows what will happen in the future.

  4. Why is it that Beijing has to copy everything mac and end up with an ugly ifruit copy.. People buy android for a reason Yuanqing! Instead Lenovo made a square front scanner and a larger screen and called it PLUS?!
    Should have been a 5" AMOLED with a good cam, stereo front speakers, a good battery and a fingerprint scanner ON THE BACK – where it already had its place! Basically a less powerful version of the X.

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