Moto G 3rd Gen vs iPhone 6 SPEED TEST Follow up!

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The Motorola Moto G 2015 3rd Generation with stock Android beats the mighty iPhone 6!
This is a follow-up to my previous test. Some of you complained why I didn’t disable the motion on the iPhone 6, so I am doing the speed test once again to check the validity of the previous experiment.

The previous test-
Moto G 3rd Generation tricks-
iPhone 6 tricks-

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  1. there is something that every youtuber don't know… they dont know what ram means, it is what its name means! Random Access Memory , the apps just save in ram but doesn't process! there is difference between running and processing and full ram doesnt mean lag and free ram doesnt means faster, the apps just save in ram and when you reopen the app it open faster, and if clean memory means faster and lag free… then no android phone will lag!! because android automatically clean ram when it becomes full, the phone lag because of the cpu and gpu + cach memory make phone slower so yo need to clean chach memory not ram!

  2. Although the iphone is certainly a good phone, the Moto G is as fast if not faster in some functions, but, the difference is seconds or less. In summary, the iphone is a lot of extra money just for the apple sign on the back and the different styling. The Moto G is without doubt the best value phone out there at the moment and is pretty well on par with the iphone 6. Considering the 2mb RAM 16GB onboard memory is only £169.99 from Amazon (unlocked) and the iphone is £600+, the Moto G is by far the better phone! Also, the Moto G has a much better battery life and is waterproof, so unless you can't do without having an Apple sign on the back, buy the Moto G anytime. Also, for the extra money, buy the 2MB Moto G 16GB memory (expandable with a micro SD card to 48GB) rather than the 1MB 8GB version as it will future proof the phone for only a small amount of extra money! Basically, not just a GREAT phone for the money but a great phone all round – acts more like a £400 phone and makes the £600 for the iphone 6 hard to warrant.

  3. the iPhone doesn't actually turn off that fast… it's just that there's a blank screen which makes it look like it's off, but if you tried to turn on one of the phones right after turning it off, the moto g would turn on first

  4. I had the original moto g and was very happy with it. I can't understand why so much value is placed on those few and minor improvements paying 4 times more for a top level iPhone, galaxy, will get you. I recently replaced my first gen with the new gen 3 as I simply couldn't justify paying any more. To be honest, I really only wanted the gen 2 as I don't think the gen 3 improvements are worth the extra £50, $80 (?) but I would have to order it. I'm sure some of the Chinese domestic brands offer even greater value but they're hard to find in the UK. top tier phones are for suckas, fashion victims or 'why not' kinda rich. So much else you can buy with the difference between a moto g & a top tier phone! Only complaint is lifespan but its a throw away culture now, even iPhones.

  5. IPhone 6 = bland,  low spec screen, no waterproofing,  old style shitty charger ,  apple without steve jobs has gone down the pan,   lets take a look at the ipad mini 3, they added a fingerprint sensor and that's it…………………

  6. Stock android is more optimised than ios in my opinion. The moto g is a low a specs, lower than the iphone but still beats it because of the software

  7. Actually on the iPhone the dialer doesn't just launch instantly but a "placeholder ui" or a screenshot of the dialer is showed until the "real" dialer is ready. Proof: try clicking on numbers right when the dialer is cold started it won't respond before a second or so, also the circles around numbers only appear when the dialer is fully loaded.

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