Moto 06.09.16

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Flip back to the Razr days of yesteryear and get ready for the future.

49 Comments on Moto 06.09.16

  1. people are actually gonna buy this? come on I get the nostalgic factor but buying & actually using it is ridiculous let go of the past live in modern day technology where phones have evolved & be excited for the future where phones will get even better & evolve! ^_^

  2. Recently I have been thinking about going back to old phones.
    Free from all those messaging apps and push alarms.

    And out comes this teaser from Motorola with
    'The Great Escape' as the background music.

    Would they be able to give me 'The Great Escape' that I have been waiting for?

  3. malditos los de motorola pa k suben este video si no lo van a relanzar subieron esto pa la cuestion del 9 de junio, que van a anunciar sus nuevos productos, sus nuevos productos no tendran exito, en vez de jugar con nuestros sentimientos hagan un anuncio de sus malditos productos un tonto trabajador de motorola aviso que no lo relanzaran y que "transformaran los moviles" que es eso??? Porque en vez de gastar tiempo de hacer este video que da nostalgia no hacen un anuncio de su nuevo MOTO Z?? RECAPACITEN!!!

  4. does it have like updated specs it's a smart phone but the casing is a flip phone?

    im just asking because it seems like most ppl dont want a NON smart phone these days..even though i admit i had a flip phone or worse until 2014

  5. if this gets updated with the android and bigger screen, id definitely buy it. i remember when my dad bought me nokia 6300 instead of v3i i literally wanted to throw that shit against the wall.

  6. My mom had razr and I had nokia 7370 and we always fight which phone is better. Her was more vamp (black) and mine was so girly with pom pom and shit like that. Now we both have white iphone 6..miss that times.

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