Mortal Kombat X Top 5 PRO TIPS and TRICKS (Strategy Guide Tutorial)

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This Mortal Kombat X PRO TIPS and TRICKS Strategy Guide Tutorial discusses a number of different gameplay strategies and goes into great detail about my TOP 5 favorite TIPS and TRICKS to help you gain the upper hand on your opponent in Mortal Kombat X.

TIP #1 – FOOTSIES – This is a zoning tool used to keep a perfect distance in between you and your enemy in order to take advantage of baiting your opponent into using their attacks or utilizing the length of yours. You can manage this “Footsies” distance by poking your opponent with the button press “DOWN-B” which in turn causes them to take two steps backwards. The other way is by unexpectedly moving backwards either after a knockdown or before your opponent attempts to get off a combo set.

TIP #2 – 40% X RAY – Many people struggle with performing X-Ray combos over 40% damage because they assume you have to string together a difficult button sequence in order to do so. However, this is simply not true. Every character in the game…

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  1. hey awsome video i subbed can u also make a video on how to get combo in the menu list and how to link string chain link etc for new beginners? and highlight them in the menu list

  2. Okay so I just bought Mortal kombat X, and this is the reason I'm really not looking forward to my first online battle… Is there a mechanic in this game that noobs get put against other noobs…. Skill-based matchmaking?

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