Money In The Bank Action! 2 KOTR Wins! WWE Supercard #271

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This game mode is AWESOME FOR EVERYBODY!! Strategies and Calculations to get AWESOME CARDS!! Play every day and get GREAT STUFF!!! Also, I brain fart hardcore in here a few times hahah!!! My Thanks go out to all of you awesome people!!! You are all the BEST!! LYLT and BGIYN!!! YEAHHH BUDDAYYY!!

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29 Comments on Money In The Bank Action! 2 KOTR Wins! WWE Supercard #271

  1. The opponents in MitB are all without play levels, so don't worry about procs, a sv pro procs 78, and your SV pros are mostly 100-200 better in every stat than your opponents

  2. In money in the bank game mode if you lose a match the opponent stats don't go to half. They go down by the stat of your card. For example if I lose a match and he had 1500 on each stat and I had 1000 on each stat, his stats would go down to 500. I just thought I would let you know bigedude. LYLT

  3. it doesnt cut their stats in half it's if u lose it minuses their stat by the one you lost by for example if it was power and your stat was 789 and the opponents was 790 it would put their power at 1

  4. Hey Bigedude. Do you think I can get a MITB pro Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins if I play three times a day? I am in SV+ tier. I get like 34-36 contracts every time I play and win.

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