MKX Tips And Tricks Day 6. Best way to spend souls and koins (Mortal Kombat X IOS/Android)

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This is day 6 of my Beginner account and probably the last video in tips and tricks for Mortal kombat X Mobile series.
All videos of this series were actually filmed every next day, so you really see my progress every day. Tips and tricks that will help you to complete challenge faster without wasting time and resources. How to spend your souls and koins in the most effective way and how to assemble a great team! It’s the sixth video in the series, and probably the last one. Here is the link to all episodes in this series:
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Subscribe for more videos! I’m going to unlock every single character in the game, and analyze his strong and weak sides. Stick around for more videos, and you will find out how to get koins and souls very fast, how to level up characters without spending a lot of time, how to beat a much stronger team of opponents, how to make your team stronger by simply choosing the right cards and much…

30 Comments on MKX Tips And Tricks Day 6. Best way to spend souls and koins (Mortal Kombat X IOS/Android)

  1. Did you know if you play a silver or gold character in faction wars then buy a kombat pack or kard pack you will get someone out of that team depending on if you have gold characters or not. Ps I have all the silver and bronze characters and some gold characters all past level 20.

  2. Dude Jax has ridiculous toughness, very good health and very good special 2.
    Start with Jax, biuld your power for the special two – use it >> he's special 2 damage is pretty solid + the opponent cannot tag out – so you can basically make sure to finish off the first opponent and when you play 3 vs 2 its very easy. So, Jax is very good for that money.

  3. Cassie and Kenshi are the most powerful solver characters . If you put ninjitsu scorpion (+30%attack for martial arts) and A_list JC (+30%health for spec ops) with kenshi it will be +70% for both attack and health . And if you put A_list JC and Demolition SB (+30% attack for spec ops) with silver Cassie Cage it will add 80% health and attack for theire Daughter .Isn't this cool 2 powerful teams .

  4. 1_Do not give kenshi the armor the gives toughness because toughness reduces your opponents attacks if the toughness is highter than your opponent attacks , but give him armor that give health .
    2_His ability will add 40% health or attack for his base health or attack .

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