Mini Militia: Doodle Army 2 Tips/Tricks

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Hey YouTube here my first video enjoy
Song: Can’t hold us by: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
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Game: Mini Militia
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35 Comments on Mini Militia: Doodle Army 2 Tips/Tricks

  1. need some help guys…i bought the 20% precision aim thingy…forgot what it's called…dont like it much,so am thinking bout selling it…just wanted to know how the selling feature works? i get the 2000battlepoints i spent on it?

  2. you must stay close to your enemy while fighting this technique reduces other people from throwing grenades but stay away and use Uzi mp5 or any machine gun when fighting a person with shotgon or flamethrower or sniper when you are in the ground when you are losing but close to your enemy throw a grenade at yourself so if he go to you and get weapons or just pass they will be exploded or damaged

  3. We cannot use two weapons while playing online. So is there any hack which can be done without purchasing pro version. And use all the facilities in online?

  4. crouching is not really that useful for example:if any enemy comes charging at you and you crouch,for of all you will be slower than usual.i mean like yeah,the enemy will find it harder to shoot you but its doesnt mean he cant just fly past you and throw a grenade at you.i seen tons of players who does this and end up getting killed. this is just my opinion so don't get to fired up about it.

  5. That useless weapon which throws blue balls is actually useful. It doesn't allow infected player to have a jetpack. So when you infect someone, throw a grenade on them. They won't be able to move away

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