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Learn how to earn coins, rewards and level up in Miitomo! Plus a breakdown on My Nintendo. What do you love most about Miitomo?

Each week Super Coin Crew brings you the latest news and updates, directly from Nintendo! What Nintendo topics would you like to have discussed on our weekly podcast?

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20 Comments on Miitomo Tips and Tricks for Nintendo’s App! – Super Coin Crew

  1. Me and my friend were having a competition to see who can get the most friends. We spent hours sending friend request. We both have 100s of friends. ? Miitomo is fun!

  2. my mii stop asking me questions I don't know how to fix it it keeps saying "I was going to ask you something but I forgot me again later" it's been 2 days that it keeps doing this what am I doing wrong?!?!??!?!??!!?!!?!?!!!?!??

  3. Ayy! If you guys want to make more friends, go check out AbdallahSmash026's friend exchange! Or if you cant be bothered, follow me on twitter (@AssassinWolfCBL) and leave your twitter below so i can add you! While you're at it add other people on this thread too!

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