Mid-range phone fight: iPhone SE vs HTC One A9 vs Huawei GX8

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The iPhone SE has been a tricky phone to classify. Is it an “entry level” device? Is it a “mini-flagship”? How should we draw the lines on the smartphone market map? To see where the iPhone might belong, we’re comparing it against two Android devices. The Huawei GX8 is $100 cheaper than the SE. The HTC One A9 is $100 more expensive. How do these devices stack up? Let’s take a look.

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32 Comments on Mid-range phone fight: iPhone SE vs HTC One A9 vs Huawei GX8

  1. What do you mean by "no clear winner"? Stop saying that on every video!! There will always be a winner!! Youre not living on a fairytale. Youre either a bad judge or a bitch afraid of dislikes and bad comments. Stop being a bitch and Man up!!

  2. ok… the most important things to a human when it comes to a device used for interactive behaviours is 1 battery life, 2 camera, 3 processing speed, 4 ease of use. if you take all that shite into consideration my personal options would be iphone se for basically everything apart from the one thing that ruins the whole apple comoany which is the inability to download apps directly from the web browser eg SHOWBOX for god sake apple let us download showbox. apart from that the iphone se is a serious device with overall much higher power than even the s7 to a certain degree obviously the s7 is fantastic but you get the same power with a phone half its price and one handed use. I mean cone on the s7 edge + is like carrying around a dam tv. even the iphone 6s plus is just ridiculous why make such a huge phone… if you have a fancy tv at home get a cheap android box you can make it into an awesome media centre anyway the iphone se is cool wish I could get the s7 but for now the se is fabulous

  3. Apple fanboy foolery again will blind if you listen to them tell you a 4 inch phone from 3yrs ago is better than. 5 inch high res HTC…….Y'ALL are dumb as doorknobs

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