Microsoft OneNote Tutorial

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Microsoft OneNote is a free application available for Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android (phones and tablets), and is also accessible online. It’s a simple note taking app that competes with the very popular app known as Evernote (which we also have a class on!). In this tutorial, David will walk you through OneNote’s features and will offer several tips and tricks as well.

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23 Comments on Microsoft OneNote Tutorial

  1. I have found the onenote app on my computer and I was able to watch the tutorial youtube onenote video . Now if I can just start using it for some meaningful computer time. Thanks, D. Cox.

  2. Not to sound too harsh but…This is way too long due to the addition of far too many words into the extremely slow meandering explanation(about every tiny thing) which had an enormous amount of repetitiveness.
    22 minutes is longer than an episode of Seinfeld.
    Also, constant comparisons to a multitude of other apps is definitely not good. This video has successfully detoured me from wanting to use the app. Try to stay on point in your next video.

  3. I found this a little confusing at the end as it appears the desktop application is different than the mobile app and the tutorial did not mention which was being covered. Also the comparisons to Ever Note were too much and could be covered in a separate tutorial on the similarities and differences of the two programs.

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