Microsoft Lumia 640 Tips and Tricks

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A complete set of hidden features, tips and tricks for Microsoft Lumia 640 or any Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone.

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Microsoft Lumia 640 – Unboxing and First Impressions :

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Microsoft Lumia 640 :

Microsoft Lumia 640 Knife Test and Key Scratch Test –

Microsoft Lumia 640 Bend Test –

Microsoft Lumia 640 Detailed Gaming Performance Test –

SPEED TEST – Microsoft Lumia 640 vs Nokia Lumia 930 :

Microsoft Lumia 640 vs Lumia 930 – Benchmark Test and Scores :

Microsoft Lumia 640 vs Lumia 930 – Detailed Comparison and Review :

35 Comments on Microsoft Lumia 640 Tips and Tricks

  1. This windows lumia really sucks I would not advise anyone to get it you can't delect old numbers so their pilling up and it dose not have snapchat .I'm so done with this so called modern tech IT REALLY SUCK

  2. you sir speak tooo fast. your accent is heavy & hard to understand, in your mind you understand what your'e doing, but we don't & we need to understand it first. thank you.

  3. My Nokia Lumia 900 OS no longer supports Youtube, so I was forced to buy the 640 XL model. Question: How do I transfer all of the music files from my 900 to my 640XL?

  4. My lumia 640 is showing phone update available,BT when I try to update it ,the downloading(updating) icon get stuck at 30%,showing msg please check ur WiFi(even if the WiFi strength is gd). I try to update via mobile network also BT no use.Please help.Thnks

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