Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is making the world’s biggest air plane, and here’s why

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is making the world’s biggest air plane, and here’s why

About five years ago, in 2011 Microsoft’s co-founder and Seattle Seahawks owner Paul Allen officially announced that he is building an airplane called the Stratolaunch, which would be as wide as a soccer field. The world’s largest airplane would be something no one had ever seen before. So far, in 2016 within five years 76% work of this airplane has been completed, according to The Washington Post.

Here is why Allen wants to build this air-giant Stratolaunch:

Regarding his airplane Allen explained that the plane has a “beyond Earth desire.” It’s intended to convey a rocket to 35,000 feet. At that stature, the rocket which is fastened to the plane will air-dispatch into space.

Also he added an aphorism to the post saying that “When such access to space is routine, innovation will accelerate in ways beyond what we can currently imagine, that’s the thing about new platforms: when they become easily available, convenient and affordable, they attract and enable other visionaries and entrepreneurs to realize more new concepts.”


Furthermore, if the giant airplane Stratolaunch is completed successfully then it must be the biggest airplane ever in history because Stratolaunch’s wingspan measures more than the length of a football field at 385 feet and comprises 60 miles of wiring; also, a more stunning fact is that Stratolaunch is powered by six 747 engines, and not only this but when it will be up in the air the total weight will be 1.3 million pounds, where 28 wheels will help it to land on earth safely.

However, there is still 24% work remaining to form the world’s biggest airplane and after accomplishing 100% work of this air-giant, then obviously, it will need to go for a ground testing program to make sure that the Stratolaunch is ready to fly, as these facts are still a long way to go, therefore, we may have to wait until 2020 to see Allen’s air-giant on the sky.


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