Micromax Canvas Sliver 5 : Detailed Review of Worlds Slimmest Smartphone

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Thinner and Lighter than the iPhone 6!
Are you still apprehensive about buying a Micromax?

Here is a detailed review of the Micromax Canvas Sliver 5 which as the company claims is the World Slimmest Smartphone. As an iPhone 6 user i was curious to check this out and have used it for a couple of days. In this video i test out the durability , build quality, camera and gaming performance including benchmark tests and battery life.

You will be surprised with the results.

MRP : Rs 17,990

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21 Comments on Micromax Canvas Sliver 5 : Detailed Review of Worlds Slimmest Smartphone

  1. Micromax no doubt is a good brand ….but at the price point of 15k they could have given it a bit more specs…like giving it USB type C ,a 13MP exmore rs sensor ……and 32GB internal…

    Software wise they should go cyanogen mod …!! 

  2. It would have been good if the internal memory was 32 GB instead of 16 GB, as it doesn't support expandable memory. But, does it support OTG connectivity ?

  3. I had major thing to discuss here is this phone supports USB on the Go feature /OTG????
    And with all day 3G data ON..with whatspp, fb, etc how long it will last

  4. +AnAnthology did you get a chance to check the headset controls compatibility. Trying to find a headset with volume controls working. Tried my friend's mi headset and they didn't work

  5. with a full day normal use does this phone battery last from morning 9 am to evening 9pm.
    use details:-
    Data always on with sync.
    maximum internet use will be of 45 mins, in mail ,chat, face book & all other .
    Phone calls maximum of 30 min.
    15 minutes of phone operation.

  6. IMO, phone does have great feel in hand factor. It lacks many things. The phone designer seems to have mixed agenda, which is not good. The designer must know in what category they want the phone to be, and they need to stick with that. For example, the premium look is there but has utterly poor specs. If you want a phone to be a flagship, then focus on quality of user experience. With a premium feel, you get poor user experience can be trade off. And you find me a crazy for what I'm going to say is.. Micromax has great potential to the market, but their logo looks very cheap to be honest. Micromax has to excel on every single details. Even the default wallpaper any phone ships with has great impact on launch. And the wallpaper having a 5 in a circle doesn't really impress. The designer needs to focus on every aspects based on the price. Like Xiaomi and Oneplus are doing great job in this area. And even Yureka does awesome too. Micromax has to be more innovative in this market where there is a great cutting edge competition.

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