Micromax Canvas 6 TVC: Prepare for Glory

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The revolutionary Micromax Canvas 6 series is here – ready to crush competition! Spread the word – Prepare for Glory!
For more information: goo.gl/DmyYWx

28 Comments on Micromax Canvas 6 TVC: Prepare for Glory

  1. Bloody stupid ad, that fails to deliver whats its trying to convey to the masses. Nothing to say bout the phones, except Simply scream, rumble and talk Mere bullshit! Wonder who was the brains behind this idiotic concept!

  2. As an advertising professional, I have to say this is the shittiest ad ever. Unnecessary screaming and such a crude way of saying you are better than your competitors. Absolutely no intelligence in the ad, execution or the content. If you have to scream your strengths, you clearly don't have any. And the " We are nuts!" part didn't come off as cool rather as of one who went off his meds. Fire your agency. I cringe every time this ad comes on tv and mute it.

  3. I used micromax canvas turbo. I am having a great experience with it way much better than Samsung phones they all look a like just change in size. My friend bought Samsung galaxy grand he threw it within six months and I am using this for more than 2 years. Now I am just bored with it so looking forward to buy this one.

  4. I just hate this brand.i wanted to buy their product because of the indian company sentiments . brought a canvas gold 2 years ago spending nearly 20k.i used it for 2 months and soon it died.took it to service centre, after almost a month of 'servicing' they gave it back.again used for 2 more months and gues what.. died again. Went to service centre ..couldn't find anything. .somone said they shut down that place. I threw that piece of shit and brought a galaxy note 3.

  5. I used to like Micromax but their service sucked big time. These ads are making it worse, people know your product and who you are already.
    What's the deal with hitting Apple on the side? That's a low blow and makes the ad look really cheap.

  6. Dear Micromax you don't need to comment to brand like Apple,your segment and apple segment is totally different and people know who is best,so don't comment and make your phone better and proved it.

  7. hahahaha…..this is funny. before u start acting like Steve Jobs, please try to at least make original products. Dont get products from Chinese mobile makers and show them as technologically advanced. i purchased a product……it worked fine for a very long time…..exactly one month. When i went to service centre i was threatened. I logged a complaint with online consumer protection forum then they took my mobile. I bought iphone6 after that and im super happy that mocromax forced me to buy iphone. long live micromax.

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