Meet the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

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Samsung’s latest extra-large, stylus-wielding phone takes the plunge to metal-and-glass, and adds a few new tricks.

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24 Comments on Meet the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

  1. I think the note 4 is the prettiest phone. But as far as the 5's curved, slippery back, I use a case on all my phones anyway so it doesn't really make a dif. and i don't ever take the battery out of my note 3, so a removable battery isn't a deal breaker for me. expandable storage? yea, idk why they did away with that. they should have at least given the 128g phone option. then I don't think ppl would be as upset. but personally, my note 3 is a 32 g and my SD card is 32g. so the 64g option would suffice. I'm def. upgrading from my note 3. the ff camera on this phone is awful and the back facing one isn't good indoors. the stylus (on my phone, idk about any other note users) is like impossible to get out, nd if I had on acrylics…forget it. idk if I'd upgrade from a note 4 tho…my mom has it and it's pretty awesome! although the live streaming sounds cool as well as the scroll screen shot option, which I would use ALL the time. The more sharp, crisp, display that is very much so noticeable, especially when the phones are side by side. slow motion feature of the camera is always cool to play around with. idk….but i think going from an note 3 to a note 5 is a pretty good deal. ?

  2. Can't wait for CNET review to decry Samsung's faults for removing the removable battery and microsd, compliment its looks, and then say Samsung took a bad turn. Unlike Apple, which is praised for the same focus on style over substance.

  3. the g note 5 battery could had have a considerable battery boost like in the g note 4
    instead of a slight decrease samsung should have increase the gb storage to 128 gbs
    not at 32 64 gbs which still too small.

  4. This is the first Note phone that I have not been impressed by at all. Not attracted whatsoever to buy it. Every year Samsung kinda bumps up the specs, has a few nice new features, idk they just raise the bar, one up everything from last year. This year, umm… I think I'm gonna stick with my Note 4

  5. Im sticking with my note 4. No expandable storage? No removable battery? A 3000 mah battery? This is certainly a turn for the worse for the note line.. Same camera? Same specs as the S6? What is this? S6+? No thank you.

  6. wtf? samsung said they wouldn't rush the s6 edge + (original name much) but they literally made a bigger s6. and a bigger s6 with a pen? why didn't they make  it one phone? the iPhone 6 is just bigger then iPhone 6, but it didn't get its own keynote. but samsung didn't listen to their own customers who wanted removable battery and storage

  7. My LG G Stylo phone from metro PCS also has a 5.7 inch Full HD screen with stylus. It has a removable battery and micro SD card capabilities. Of course the Note V has a better camera in the back than my G Stylo, but my G Stylo has Laser Auto Focus and can shoot 1080p video.

  8. note 4 better why bigger battery 3220mh vs 3000mh, same stylus, wireless charging capable, same screen size 5.7 qhd display, same camera with ois, expandable sd storage vs no expandability, expandable battery vs no expandability. available in Europe vs exclusive in the us and Canada, cheaper see the pattern lool note 5 is going to be a flop

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