Meet Classon: smart helmet that ensures safe and seamless cycling

Meet Classon: smart helmet that ensures safe and seamless cycling

Cycling is quite an exhilarating experience, especially when you’re riding your way downhill on a rough ground. However, it also comes with some risks of accidents. Also, when you’re trying some new routes, there’s a possibility that you may put yourself in danger. So, it’s highly recommended that you wear a helmet as well as keep yourself protected. Well, a traditional helmet can keep your skull covered, but does it provide complete protection? No. You need something to do a lot more than just covering your head. That’s why Classon smart helmet is here.

Developed by Brooklyness, the Classon smart helmet comes with advanced features and technologies to ensure safety to the riders. The helmet features two front and back cameras for blind spot detection that alert you of vehicles in your blind spot. Also, turn signals and built-in brake lights help other drivers to know your intentions.


The helmet also comes with sensors within it that detect motion and hand gestures, using the cameras and algorithms and activate your turning lights on the right or left side, making you visible to others. As those cameras are also used for recording, you can use those videos in case of an accident.

You don’t need to worry how to operate this helmet. Every feature that comes with the helmet is fully automated, leaving you to simply concentrate on the road. The helmet also comes with a compatible Classon app, through which you can connect to your mobile phone. Just enter your destination on your mobile device using the app and follow the lights underneath the helmet for GPS navigation. This app appears to be an activity tracker, showing stats for your distance travelled, calories burnt, heart rate, and so on.

The company started a Kickstarter campaign with the goal of $30,000. It looks like backers are in love with this product as the company has already surpassed their goal with 278 backers while there are still 25 days left. The price starts from $99 and the possible shipment will be April 2017.


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