MCPE UPDATE | 0.10.3 | iOS Submitted!

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33 Comments on MCPE UPDATE | 0.10.3 | iOS Submitted!

  1. i wonder if mcpe will ever be fully caught up with pc minecraft.. there are just soooo many thing yet to do and pc continues to see innovate whilst mcpe updates seem to take forever for very little results..

  2. So I downloaded mcpe 0.10 to my IPOD 4 and the game runs SOOOO smoothly. I mean infinite will run smoothly now if u stay in one chunk but if I travelled it lagged. I somewhat love 0.10

  3. There's this weird thing going on when I try to enter a server that I've been going on for the past few days the green bar gets stuck a little bit before the end of the gray bar. All of the other servers I play on are working fine. I have tried deleting the server then adding it again but that doesn't help. Does anyone know what's going on? 

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