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I posted a few comments with a link to the video from Naturalnews showing nanofibers and other questionable things in pictures taken by Mike Adams and his staff of chicken Mc Nuggets under the microscope on the McDonald’s facebook page. My posts were censored along with the posts of many other people who were asking questions or commenting after becoming concerned when viewing the footage and reading the articles on Naturalnews and infowars. Micky Dees doesn’t want people to know about this…great customer service and a reason to start boycotting McDonald’s if you haven’t done so already for your own health.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. It's not surprising how a major corporation (McDonald's) insists on their right to privacy as well as confidentiality regarding the REAL ingredients (or chemicals and products) in ALL of their food products. The box that the McNuggets are sold in when purchased by a consumer states it contains 100% white meat chicken (I'm pretty sure it said something like that the last time I saw a  McNuggets box..) How can they make a BLATANT lie like that on their packaging and get away with it???

  2. Mac Donalds! If you guys don't apprecaite what others are doing to protect your customers… How about you staffs go ahead and poison yourselves first.. Because this guy here is trying his very best to save the future generations! ok?? If you guys were to do this to this man here.. You can just shut down all your outlets in the entire world ok??! I'm not being rude but going around censoring people is worst than being rude, it's INHUMAN! Really!

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