Marvel Avengers Alliance 2-Global release tips and tricks for beginners

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Could it be? Could it be the game is actually, FINALLY released? Well, at least in the states it has shown up FULLY on the android and iOS stores.

First word of advice…get your data synced with FB ASAP. This sync allows you to play on multiple devices AND allows for recovery if you wipe a device. If you do not sync and then uninstall the game, adios progress. Get yourself some high level allies ASAP. Use the wiki linked below. Use highest level allies on bosses. If a hero is required for a boss fight, you can use your own if you own him/her. If you don’t and no allies own them, Jarvis will provide the missing hero. The video touches upon these and some other tricks that may help you out. Are you excited it’s out??!

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31 Comments on Marvel Avengers Alliance 2-Global release tips and tricks for beginners

  1. I am finding the epic boss battles in 1.4 and 1.6 to get electro really hard battles. is that ur case with those battles being really hard? do u have tips if u winning those battles?

  2. I am having trouble on the pc version…I installed it yesterday and I tried to play today and it doesn't start keeps crashing and I have to install it again everyday when ever i want to play it. you have any idea of a fix?

  3. unfortunately, i still can't get this app in my region(asia) since maa2 worldwide release. any further info about that?

    p/s: can you share about your pc spec? i want install nox too. :D

  4. Installed Nox but Avengers Alliance 2 does not show up in the google play store. I tried to search for Star Wars Galaxy of Heros and it said it was not a compatible version. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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