MapleStory Reboot: Five Quick Tips!

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Showing you guys 5 useful tips to take advantage of in the MapleStory Reboot World/Server! Which tip was your favourite?

Transfer Hammer System Guide:

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35 Comments on MapleStory Reboot: Five Quick Tips!

  1. I am having trouble transfering over stats from a level 50 cane to a level 60 cane, both have 5 stars the level 50 cane is a epic and the level 60 one is a rare, but everytime I go into the tranfer system it says "Transfers are only possible when the equipment on the Equipment trace and the target equip are the same." My level 50 cane is not a Equipment Trace, but you show without having a equipment trace.

  2. hi sorroful i have an hayato in lvl 90 that im lvling rihgt now but i understand that in reboot you cant fund your player and mkae mesos without a pet so hoi can i get one without pay any real moeny?

  3. Another tip that actually could help a lot is this one:

    To teleport to almost everywhere, you just have to go to the nearest town, use "Quick Move" or going directly to Dimensional Door, now you select "Momijigaoka" (I'm not sure if that's the correct name, anyway…), then you go again through the Dimensional Door (while you're actually at Momijigaoka), and now you select "Fight for Azwan", then you go out through that portal on the left side, you'll be at Korean Folk Town, then go to the left and talk with "World Tour Guide" NPC, and she will put you at Henesys, now all you have to do is to take a free taxi to Sleepywood and then go out, and voilà, you're at PANTHEON.

    So, let's do it easy:
    1. Nearest Town (Make sure it has Dimensional Door. You could use the Maple Guide).
    2. Dimensional Door to MOMIJIGAOKA.
    3. Dimensional Door to FIGHT FOR AZWAN.
    4. Go out through the left side (portal).
    5. You'll be at Korean Folk Town, find World Tour Guide's NPC at left side and talk to her.
    6. You'll be teleported to Henesys.
    7. Take the cab to Sleepywood.
    8. Go out through the left side (portal).
    9. You're done, you can go almost everywhere from Six Path Road using the Pantheon.


  4. I don't really see the difference? A month after the reboot gone by, tons of people are lv 200+ now, not like old maple story where lv 120+ takes like forever. You can instant travel for free, which is too convenient compare to the old time, and is it true that Romeo and juliet pq is still the only pq that most people do? There are way too many "unnecessary bosses" right now, i mean back then, Zakum or the black dragon was so hard to kill but it's enough. I mean I don't see the real difference except you can't trade, which is a downside too, lost the fun of part of the interactions between players

  5. Also a lot of events hand you out free potions. I got over 2000 power elixirs from the valentines event. And Henesys General Store sells a lot of useful things like cubes and inventory expansion.

  6. Alcastar's quest gives 400meso allcures (el nath, level 55, need to get a star rock off a boss around your level, as for some reason arwen doesnt synth them)

    Enhance to level 11 – at 10 stars you no longer lose stars, 11-15 you lose em all, so if you enhance to 11 before xferring, the new equip is already level 10, and you avoid the 6-9 star fail chances, applies to 100+ equips

  7. How hard is the Prison Guard Ani boss in Reboot?
    Cause there's no limit to the attempts you can go at him (If there are, then it's a lot)
    And the box he drops mostly has reindeer milk and dews in them
    So you can your set of free pots if you don't want to spend any money
    I haven't gone to Lionheart castle yet in Reboot so I don't know if you can take advantage of this

  8. Hey sorrow another thing that you should mention is that when you have to get somewhere quickly, you can take the pantheon portal at the six path crossway and teleport to anywhere you want. But if youre not in victoria island, you can go to the dimensional mirror and go to alishan and take the portal on the top left which teleports you to henesys. From there you can go to sleepywood and then go to six path crossway.

  9. Does the Maple Guide also work the same way in other servers as well such as in Windia? I haven't played in a long time and wasn't sure if I was thinking about coming back or not so I'm glad to watch this video and get a better idea of all of the changes that have happened.

  10. Awesome video and content +1 Sub! 😀 I am a new player and reboot has got me interested… but why is there no trading system? Does this mean all equips are from personal drops?

  11. Heres a tip/glitch that may or may not be patched as of today. But yesterday when i was shopping the kumbis which are 500k each everywhere else where only 50k in edelstien. Not sure what thats all about or if it isnt fixed yet but go check it out!

  12. Ik this isn't relevant but I have been waiting 2 months for spell trace fever and NOTHING in rly pissed cuz my character is so weak because I have no enhancements right now because I'm waiting so do you have any idea when the next one will be?

  13. Question involving the Transfer Hammer: What's the easiest way to get a level 130 overall? Hilla dropped an epic potential pirate overall, which revealed to have +1 Second Invincibility. I want to migrate it up to an empress thief overall for kicks, but the original is level 120. I'm trying to remember off-hand which of these is easiest to get: I know I've gotten a few in the past, but I believe they were all on my Pink Bean…

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