Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11) Hidden Features + Tips and Tricks

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Here are top tip and tricks and hidden features of OS X El Capitan.
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23 Comments on Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11) Hidden Features + Tips and Tricks

  1. In windows when you open a directory you can see a picture of what you have in the folder….iMAC…a stupid blue folder …How in sams name am I suppose to know whats in the folder if it doesn't show a picture?

  2. I have some apps on my macbook pro retina early 2013 i want to hide from
    the launchpad and also make them non searchable so that if someone
    searches for the apps they wont be able to find it. Is there any way to
    do this?

  3. Wow, rename a file, hide the menu.. – crazy!
    There is almost nothing impressive in this release. Flight tracking is neat but certainly not something most people will use very often – and if they are they really need to get a life.
    Split screen would be good, if it was intuitive.
    Not much innovation here.
    Have they fixed spotlight so it actually finds files yet?

  4. double tap to maximize is prolly the thing that i missed all over the last releases since i used a macbook next to my windows 🙂 thanks for this tip. im still on mavericks at the moment but this feature alone makes me create a bootable usb stick right now 😉 lets hope it runs smooth on my good old mid 2010 mbp. mavericks actually doesnt :-/

  5. hey ppl well i just upgraded to el capitan which i taught it will give me more features which it did but i dj and my software (sera to) didn't support el capitan and i did a lil research and seemed that i had to wait until it support it well nobody wants to wait right but i had a problem i never use the time machine lol or did any back up so before i started to mess with my mac i got my storage and did a back up and after that i did the following..

    1- turned off the computer and turned it back on holding command + R
    it took me to recovery mode

    2- on the option i went all the way down to disk utility and selected the macintosh HD and erased it (make sure it says macintosh extended)

    3- once you did the above restart your mac holding command + R and it will appear this little globe or don't know how you call it anyway make sure you have internet it may take a few minutes the it will give you the options like do a back up reinstall yosemite or lion (whatever came with your mac as factory)

    4- once it has install (i takes a while depending on your internet) (mine took like 1 HR 30 mins)

    5- set up the setting like a new mac its no that hard to do trust me once you have that
    just go to MIGRATION ASSISTAN and just follow the steps it tells you plug your hard drive you used for back up !!!!!!make sure you don't do the back up!!!!! once it asks you what you want to import from the hard drive just select the check boxes of the folders you want to import such ass music pictures setting of user etc i didn't do my apps well taught i could just redownload them so i just check the boxes that i really wanted to i recommend you do the same and click transfer or continue lol and wait.

    6- once you had done all that log out and it will show you the account that you set up when you did the restore and the one you had before (when you transfer you setting and files) mine had two different passwords the new one and the old one
    and log in one the old one (the one you had before restore and all that you'll recognize it lol) check your files they should appear and the destination you had them before like you never restore it (mine did even when the appearance) once you make sure you have every thing go to system preference and go to users and just erase the account you created to set up the mac and thats it all the setting you had before the restore will be there no big deal and it will be like it never happened a restore

    hope this was helpful i know the struggle and I'm not used to do this big paragraphs lol

    NOTE i had to do the restore like 3 times i got to the 4th step and when i try to migrate my files i had every single box check i don't know if because of that my mac didn't work right but don't feel scared if anything goes wrong just restart the mac and start over (thats why i said just check the boxes you really need to besides once i did all that i save me more memory because i had apps that didn't even used and then don't remember if they are necessary for the system o whatsoever lol
    good luck ppl

  6. The new OS X EI Capitan is brilliant in performance just its size is a bit bigger but the mac users need not worry about that. otherwise OS X EI Capitan is the best of all the updates I ever had in Mac.

  7. I have a Mac Mini, I just downloaded OS X EL CAPITAN, I noticed that when I open any of my pictures folders and double click on a picture it open but there is no image, do you know why and how can I fix this? Thank you.

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