Lots of iOS 7 rumors, Google Now, CoD Ghosts + More

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1:15 – Apology video
6:00 – Water park and poo
14:18 – iOS 7 Delayed? Flat Design? Car integration?
44:38 – Google Now
54:13 – Call of Duty Ghosts
1:00:48 – Apps of the Week

This week a few big rumors about iOS 7. Everything from delayed launch date to a new look and car integration. Also Google Now launches for the iOS. Plus a story from Mike’s boring life. And new next Call of Duty game is announced and your app of the week.


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10 Comments on Lots of iOS 7 rumors, Google Now, CoD Ghosts + More

  1. If iOS is going to a "flat" design, I would expect OS X would have to follow suit. Since the two seem to be slowly coming together, would you deduce the same?

  2. and you dont have to look at a message you tell siri to type for you so you can verify it, just say read that back to me and if it sound right then your good. i have sent dozens of messages and even corrected some and never even looked at my phone

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