Lords Of The Fallen Coming To iOS, Android – IGN News

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Lords of the Fallen is an action RPG with similarities to Dark Souls that came to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this past October. It may surprise you to learn that it is also coming to iOS and Android.

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  1. yea it will be ported to ios in a scaled down version which will be fantastic, mobile probably will make alot of money off this game… with 64 bit chips on iphones as mine iphone 5s, are capable of running high resolution texture graphics as such as bioshock, assassin's creed identity which had best graphics in my opinion and very smooth gameplay, we also have lost within, infinity blade and much more… so ofcourse we will see lord of the fallen on ios first before android…only if you knew how a simple game of clash of clans made millions or billions of dollars on mobile market then they did on most console games they got for ps3, xbox 360 and so on, even tho clash of clans isnt a heavy game but its still a mobile game that had revenue over most console games….cant wait for lord of the fallen on ios, hand held psvita gamers are mad because they mention it on mobile and not yet hand held console lol….dont worry high end phones have the same performance and graphics or a bit better then psvita in case you didnt know..psvita and wii u have a small game market so far anyway and mostly just have remakes of ps2 and ps3 games in 3d or hd on psvita…mobile is a bigger gaming market that sells more

  2. I liked lords of the fallen. It was clunky souls. But not a bad rip off.
    But yes there are huge framerate issues on xbone. A very straight and not so deep story. And it was quite easy. But whatever. The gameplay was excellent. Which will keep you playing through the game.

  3. I woudl ratehr stick my fuckign dick int he cheeser and set it to full grate than play a fuckign darks ouls rip off on a casual shappy meal system

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