Living With The Xiaomi Mi5!

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So much to talk about the new Mi5, easily one of the best smartphones for my TwentySixteen bucket.

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21 Comments on Living With The Xiaomi Mi5!

  1. nice review mate thumbs up btw why its geekbench score so low ? i watched other review they showed 19++ for single core and 41++ for multicore as for the 32gb variant

  2. You're the only person that has reviewed this phone that HASN'T pretended the black borders don't exist LOL, that's the ONE THING I wanted to see what people thought about cos I know the rest of the phone is great, and now I'm thinking of buying the white version again because I love the rest of the phone.

  3. hey… your review was amazing… just had a doubt about the phone… I hear that the Mi5 in India has plenty of network issues with connectivity on 4G. You seem to have a good experience with this phone.. so please elaborate how is your experience with the 4G connectivity and camera crashes… will appreciate the reply..

  4. Great review …!
    By the way: Not more than 2 yrs, since these chinese mobile companies (Xiaomi, Gionee, Meizu, Oppo, LeEco, Vivo, OnePlus, Huawei, Elephone, UMI & many more.. have flooded our Indian market, luring techno freek customers with flash sells of their high end phone with rock bottom one of the cheapest prices. China is changing their economic gains into Military superpowers at a very very fast rate. China works as if "we may be enemies in battlefield but treat us as friends in doing commercial handshakes. Bull***t !!

  5. I felt like I was watching an MKBHD video. Great job with the video mate. You covered almost every aspect I can think of that one would look for with research and usage stats. Keep up the work.

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