Liquid Armour Screen Protector for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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My first time hearing about and using this stuff. Was super simple to apply. Now we will see how it lasts long term. Thanks for stopping by, have a good one!

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  1. I did watch a video on this liquid armour you literally have to have a very deep scratch for it show up other then that I have now replaced the zagg shield on my galaxy s7 three times I'm done with it.time for the liquid armour

  2. tempered glass is much better because you'll always know it's there and can see and replace it when damaged. As for the edge I've only seen a few companies make a full glass. others make an award strip that doesn't cover the edges

  3. don't waste your time I have the same dry sheild on my galaxy S7 and it has peeled up in the same spot now twice.I will go back to my carrier yet again to have it replaced hopefully it will stay this time if not looks like this liquid armour is the best thing out there and hopefully it works well.

  4. I read that in the first couple of minutes the liquid hardens to about 3h & I don't remember if it was 3 or 6 days that the liquid would harden all they way to its max of 9h. so anyone who does this, don't do any scratch tests until at least 5 days, cause it could scratch. I been wondering if the liquid on the fingerprint reader would be less sensitive to read your print after applying on it? b if anyone knows please.

  5. The best screen protector for the S7 edge is the Zagg invisible shield HD dry. Its super easy to apply and fits perfectly around the edges. It hasnt peeled up anywhere either. Search for the videos to see it for yourself.

  6. never heard of this..sounds nice. my screen protector I got was a wet install and the screen protector is peeling off and I also can't use the screen in water..I wonder if liquid armor allows you to do that

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