LifeProof frē Case for iPhone 6s Review & Water Test

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The NEW LifeProof fré Case for iPhone 6s is in! Yes, it works for the regular iPhone 6 too. If you’ve recently upgraded to Apple’s latest iPhone 6s and are in the market for an impact resistant case, this might just be the one for you.

LifeProof’s previous iPhone cases have been fraught with disappointing little problems. From poor sound quality while making calls to defective workmanship, and even problematic little buttons and ringer switches not working like they should. The surprising thing is that I found none of those problems with this latest release! All the little kinks that have been characteristic of LifeProof’s other versions appear to be ironed out for this one.

I’m happy to report people can in fact hear you on the other end of your call now! That is, at least in my experience. I do hope mine isn’t the exception, but the new standard for LifeProof. I’m hoping we see less defective cases and complaints this year. Maybe LifeProof has finally pulled their…

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  1. hi! when you called your friend how was the call quality with the receiver? i'm assuming the case covers the receiver so how was the call quality?

  2. Just got the 6s plus a few days ago, got the life proof case today. It's always been a favorite case for my iPhone's. Currently doing the water test on it 🙂 I'm kinda nervous how bulky it'll make my phone but it'll be ok!

  3. Is it normal that the case has a hole where the speaker is on the bottom you know where you speak on the phone and such its next to the earphone jack and no water ever goes through

  4. Just bought my phone cover for iPhone 6 did not even use phone and charger pot flap broke off and disappeared . I tried registering it but cannot access the site. Am now going to Verizon center to see if I can get a new one. Am very disappointed. charger port door just dropped off an I was not even aware of this till now. hHelp Yelp!

  5. Have it on my 6s and it's pretty robust, it feels nice in the hand even sound still has good quality to listen music and make calls, my only complain is the black aux wire, it is shitty to carry it around and it doesn't fit my earbuds.

  6. I wanted to know how hard you have to push to use the screen for the 3D touch
    It close to the screen is the built-in screen protector
    The otterbox defender has a huge problem with that. Like when you try to use any app you push the built in screen protector until it makes contact with the actual screen.
    That something I don't like about built in screen protectors.
    I just wanted to know.

  7. Just got the phone and the Case. I'm sure it's great at protection BUT my hands are small and the case is very slippery. I can't hold it with 1 hand and scroll with my thumb like I used to with my 4s. :(

  8. Looking at their newly released Fré case for a 6s Plus. Do you see any clarity problems or flash problems using the Fré ? Photography both still and video with my new 6s Plus is a major hot button for me! FYI, I have never used/owned a Lifeproof case before.

  9. I was a huge fan of Lifeproof for iPhone5, so I was excited to get the 6s model for my iPhone 6s. The snap sealing literally broke the same day that I got it. It seems cheaper and thinner than I like. I returned it the next day. Idk if I had a defective one or if Lifeproof just got lazy with this model. Wasn't a fan. May try it out again.

  10. Do you or anyone else have the rainbowing effect on the screen? I have it over much of my screen and I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem or anyone knows how to fix our prevent the rainbowing effect. Thanks!

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