LG V20 vs Google Pixel XL – Quick Comparison

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LG V20 vs Google Pixel XL – Side By Side Comparison.
Watch comparison of these mobiles with features such as display, processor, camera, os, design, battery, dimensions, etc. Also watch the pros and cons, prices of both phones.
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2 Comments on LG V20 vs Google Pixel XL – Quick Comparison

  1. Hello, this is a very very informative quick review. I think you made my decision a little easier. I had the Note 7 but of course, i returned it. I think i will buy the V20, even though it is not Amoled, but I think the Google Pixel XL display is Amoled. Is this correct? I look at alot of videos and really don't take take a lot of pictures. So in your opinion the best all around camera is the V20 correct? Please note, you probably know this already, but even though the Google Pixel XL has no Micro XD Card support, Google is offering unlimited storage space in the cloud…Over all would you for the V20 as the "better" overall phone?
    Please let me know. Thanks.

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