LG V10 In-Depth Review: A Device Well Worth It

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1. Intro (0:00)
2. Size and Build (0:58)
3. Specs & Performance (3:33)
4. Battery Life (6:26)
5. Unique Features (7:44)
6. The Displays (10:46)
7. Using it as a Phone (13:02)
8. 32 Bit DAC and Headphone Amp (13:42)
9. The Camera Interface (15:31)
10. Camera Analysis (19:51)
11. Conclusion (25:13)
This device was released back in October but I have finally had a chance to take a look at it. It has exceeded my expectations in some areas and matches every other flagship device in others. It’s those stand out features that make the V10 well worth it! It is a true multimedia phone for the power user!
***The V10 was provided courtesy of LG, but the review and opinions expressed are my own.***

45 Comments on LG V10 In-Depth Review: A Device Well Worth It

  1. I have it and I would love it. It would be a perfect device. But – you have to charge it 2-3 times a day. I am not turbo user, even my shit iPhone had a better battery life, and we all know how shit is iPhone battery.

  2. Will it really matter for gaming though like im not a huge phone gamer but i like to play some Gta sa every now and then to kill sometime will i see any noticeable lag or will it run smoothly

  3. So boring…This was not an in depth overview…This was just a long overview saying the exact same thing 100 other YouTube review said. There is so much more to a smart phone than just the display and the camera. How about taking about email setup for multiple accounts, Bluetooth connections and stability, call volume, call clarity, speaker volume, overheating, battery life, application management, hidden V10 features. Bloatware by carrier, one handed use, known issues, tricks and problem solving??? Anything other than a 20 minute boring discussion on the camera and display.

  4. I just sold my Note 5 and got this phone. I'm pleased with it except for the front facing camera looks awful and the fingerprint sensor never works with a case on unless you touch the stainless steel sides at the same time. Horrible front facing camera but love the ir blaster.

  5. great video Erica. although I've never really been a fan of lg ui this does look like an awesome phone. I don't play intense games on my phone and only play things such as subway surfers and doodle jump so would be fine for me. the thing I hate about the lg ui is everything seems too big and they waste space such as the nav buttons at the bottom and the toggles in the notification shade. also the colour they use could be more pleasing.
    I'm a Nexus user and I am happy with my 6p but wish it had proper ois.

  6. I have had the phone for a week now. I must say I love it, best phone I have tried in a while. Please do share with the LG guys that this phone should come with some water resistance in the next model.

  7. I am buying one this weekend, i like the way the zoom control is positioned so when you take video you don't have to pinch the scrreen like samsung and apple has. I also love the audio meters on display as well. I already got some addtional batteries which are LG batteries via amazon and i also found a LG V10 4000amp power bank as well. For 89.99 and i got it on Amazon for 20.00……

  8. I wanted this phone but since discovering it has no LED notifications , I think I will get the G4 ….with LED I can see I have a Whatsapp message from across the room and have different colors for different apps .

  9. Quick question about something that's. bugging me. I noticed that been bothering me since i got my V10 4 days ago. The colors seem washed out and pictures look awful from any app and even camera. I believed its a display issue I'm getting my new device tomorrow. I hope its better this phone in every other aspect is superb.

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