LG Optimus V Android Tips and Tricks

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NOTICE: I no longer own this phone, so please keep that in mind when asking questions.

A few tips and tricks to help you get better performance and battery life out of your Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V or any other smartphone running the Android 2.2 OS.

Featured apps include: Quick Settings, Auto Memory Manager

Both apps are FREE.

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  1. I'm have this phone and I love it its durable, cheap plan the best android plan there is, I only pay $35 for 300 talk minutes and everything else unlimited awesome phone! Recommend to a friend

  2. For a longer BATTERY life, follow these steps and it can nearly double your battery life.
    – Turn off Live Wallpapers
    – Turn off GPS unless you REALLY need it.
    – Try to minimize the amount of e-mail addresses you add to phone
    – Disable background sync of e-mail, Facebook and Twitter accounts
    – Disable background data downloading (you will have to turn it on every time you use market)
    – Get a Task Killing app like Advanced Task Killer Pro and set it to kill your apps every time you lock the screen

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