LG G5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Gaming/Screen Display Test Comparison Review!

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Gaming test between the LG G5 vs the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Exynos). I will be playing three games, Assassin’s Creed Identity, Modern Combat 5 and Asphalt 8. Enjoy!

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46 Comments on LG G5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Gaming/Screen Display Test Comparison Review!

  1. How is your batterly life? i got the s7 edge for like 2 days now and i barely get 3 Hour SoT (screen on time)
    i turned off a lot of things that i dont use and my screen brightness is on "Auto".

    Should i send it back for a replacement?

  2. any chance of seeing meizu pro 5 ? not sure if you had a chance to use one but looks really good ! and the xiaomi mi max ? thanks. great vid as always.

  3. What's the deal with Assassin's Creed? There's less shadows and a lot less people on the S7 but I know there's no detail settings in the game. I've watched some other video using this game to compare the S7 to the P9 and the Huawei clearly wins but also seems to have less details and a lot less people walking around in the game. Do you think it's a good benchmark to compare phones or does the game has some sort of hardware/hardware conditions autodetection that ends up throwing a different load to these devices?

  4. why samsung have a suck fps in assassin's creed identity ? because snapdragon more powerfull than exynos ? or because gpu in samsung s7 edge ? can somebody tell me ?

  5. plz also do a screen colors accuracy test for these phones.( same natural pictures and running videos comparison on both devices) basically to identify which is better for watching movies on a smartphone . n gaming temperature test too..

  6. Amigo no entiendo muy bien el video y no se ingles, estoy por comprar el S7 peroblo quiero solo para juegos, que celular es mejor en ese sentido? Ojala me puedas responder

  7. Why are there more subtle details in the Assassin's Creed game, like flowers surrounding the tree or additional graphic details on the wall on the LG G5 than on the Galaxy S7 Edge? Both devices have the same CPU/GPU, right? I just hate the LG has a much darker screen.

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