LG G5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Camera Test Comparison Review!

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The Ultimate In-Depth Camera Test on the LG G5 vs the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Enjoy and pls. don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and SHARE video to Social Media. Thanks!

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43 Comments on LG G5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Camera Test Comparison Review!

  1. Wow I actually prefer the G5 much more during video!! Colors are more vibrant and more contrasty, the lens flares more nicely under indirect sunlight, looks more detailed than the S7, and has a very nice wide angle lens. But the S7 wins in low light and it has a better microphone, autofocus, and OIS. For still photos, the S7 wins.

  2. how would you compare audio quality on video recordings with G5? G2, G3, G4 had terrible noise cancelattion, and audio would sound distorted and unreal, robotic. I cant really tell on youtube clips so Im asking you. Thank you.
    Great comparison btw, love your work! One of the rare good videos on yt.

  3. I noticed that the G5 nature shots seemed a bit warmer than the S7E. Or was that the natural colour of the woods in real life? Also in low light condition, there was this red/orangey light on the screen of the G5 compared to the S7E. Both produced great quality photos, nonetheless. However, video on the G5 is quite shakey. Thanks for sharing this! ??

  4. So most shots show better white balance for S7, with the exception of very low light like the tunnel you drove through. What I don't understand is all the wide angle shooting on the G5 – it's a great feature, and I appreciate you showing it, but since the S7 has no comparable mode, it felt like you spent too much time in wide angle mode, just in terms of apples to apples comparison. Also what could be good in future video is a voice over after the fact to explain your impressions of the final product, vs. the on the spot commentary where you really can't see what the resulting video looks like (other than the monitoring on the phone screen) Thanks for the comparison.

  5. Hi, I will publish this video in my Rajinikanth fansclub acc, it'll get noticed soon.
    Thanks for the camera comparison, im looking forward to buy S7 edge in India., expecting a price cut from Samsung.

  6. Thanks for the great comparison!!!!I owned a Galaxy S7 edge. Could not stand the yellowish orange tint on indoor/low light photos and over sharpening of images. My G5 takes much better photos, better dynamic range, more natural look. The wide angle cam is just awesome! Loving the G5 as a phone a lot more than the S7.

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