LG G5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and S7

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When it comes to choosing the right smartphone this year, companies like Samsung and LG could not have made it more complicated.

Samsung and LG are both in very different stages with their respective flagship offerings. Last year Samsung was experimenting with metal and glass on the Galaxy S6, and LG decided to play it safe with the G4. Today the tables have turned. Samsung has now decided to refine what it started, while LG has decided to boldly go where no smartphone has gone in a while. As a result we’re left with a very difficult comparison since one product is naturally at a better stage than the other.

Both the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge are the result of a more mature Samsung. The company has acknowledged that looks aren’t everything, and has launched a new line-up of flagships that match good looks with expandability. By contrast, the G5 is the result of a more daring LG. The company knows that power users want a phone without compromise, and the G5 intends to…

25 Comments on LG G5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and S7

  1. this year Samsung s7 beats lg g5, but I would still prefer the g5 anyday just because I get I like lg, but hope we will be impressed by the next lg v phones, or the g6, hope the module design will improve significantly. like, reply if you agree, no fanboy, please.

  2. One thing I have noticed that non of the reviewers mention about the display brightness is that the LG G5 will boost its brightness in bright light like in direct sunlight. You can see it happen if you watch for the change when you go outside for example. It would be nice to be able to set it to this max brightness manually but I reckon LG have reasons like battery life and or heat for not doing so.

  3. I own the G5 and if you watch any videos the speaker is twice as loud easily. Screen does fine in daylight, gets really bright. USB type, removable battery…what kills a battery? Charing it over and over again, and the faster you charge it the faster you shorten its lifespan. Curious to see how long these galaxy s7s batteries can hang with all that fast charging…only time will tell.

  4. The IR remote is a feature I can't live without. Seems like such a small feature but its an everyday feature for me. After living with the g2 and g3 I'm so used to the layout of LGs UI. Samsung while packed with features seems clunky to me. The camera on the g5 is simply fun to use as well. I simply hate that button on the front of Samsung's flagshipsl. Wish I could get into it more.

  5. G5 advantage over S7:
    Wide angle camera … superb

    S7 edge advantage over G7:
    Amoled display.. those blacks
    edge curve screen … sort of gimmicky, but more refine now
    slightly bigger screen

    But I think camera is more important than perfect blacks.. And G5 display is not bad at all… My winner is G5, because I take lot of pictures and post it on social media.. Although i don't like the roughness of G5, but atleast it's not a fingerprint magnet..

  6. Um what the hell are you talking about display is where things get tougher?
    Display is where samsung has been number one in phones for years. Hands down, no questions asked, no contest.

    G5 better at accurate colors???? Um not when the S7 is in basic mode which you don't get the choice in the G5 of colors.

    And 900 nits? LG never made that claim that I'm aware of. In fact i dont know if it even breaks 4 or 500

  7. s7 edge is cooler and better..but I think for me I will buy g5 bcoz after 2 to 3yrs the battery of s7 will b expired..and the g5 can be replaced..I like to use that it will last for 5 yrs..bcoz Im thinking about the money..hihihihi

  8. I think the s7 is the best choice for a safer choice but if you want to try something new and out of the box the LG g5 is the winner in my opinion of course

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