LG G5 unboxing and initial thoughts T-mobile Edition

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I decided to pre-order the LG G5 from T-mobile thinking that I was going to get the device on the 1st but as always they delivered it 2 days before the release date. I love it.

I have for you today an unboxing and my initial thoughts on this great device.

thank you

S7 Edge Unboxing Video here

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S7 Unboxing video here

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21 Comments on LG G5 unboxing and initial thoughts T-mobile Edition

  1. is it worth upgrading to the lG G5 I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and I really want to upgrade to a smaller phone something that's a little bit easier in the hand to you do you recommend the LG l5

  2. Has anyone had a problem recording voice messages on WhatsApp? The quality is extremely bad! All other apps that use the microphone work perfect! I even returned my first LG G5 to AT&T, got a new one and the same problem persists.

  3. In short, LG screwed up the brilliant screen to body ratio of the G4. The S7 edge is what the G4 used to be. 5.5" is the sweet spot. So now LG gives us a taller device with a smaller screen with aluminum that is coated in plastic that looks like plastic. Compared to the G4 this is a real let down. And they wiped the best feature… the volume rockers on the back.

  4. G5 is a crappy looking phone with dull washed out display. And a retarded bottom bit where the battery comes out from. Nobody will buy those shit. 

  5. How did you feel about the build quality? I held one today and not that impressed! I have a g4 just now but don't think I will be going for the g5! Seen a bit of an eye opening video from Erica Griffin with bad build quality and screen light bleed! Not good lg!! Love my g4 but think I will be waiting for the htc m10 when it comes out in the next month or so if the camera and battery are up to scratch. Keep up the good videos TK ?

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