LG G5 Smartphone – Leaks & Rumors

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* Check out the new LG G5 Smartphone due 2016
* See what we can expect to see early next year from LG

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5 Comments on LG G5 Smartphone – Leaks & Rumors

  1. Im sure LG knows they picked up some marketshare from samsung just for the sheer fact the G series supports removable SD cards. I highly doubt LG will give back that huge advantage…

  2. This guy don't know what he's talking about. It's already been confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is going to have a SD card slot. they are bringing it back. So why wouldn't LG have the SD card slot on the LG g5. Considering they saw the outcry of people that was disappointed by no removable battery or SD card slot on the Samsung S6 or note 5.

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