LG G5 leaks, iPhone mini, Galaxy S7 comments and more – Pocketnow Daily Recap

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22 Comments on LG G5 leaks, iPhone mini, Galaxy S7 comments and more – Pocketnow Daily Recap

  1. LG needs to ditch the plastic and leather bodies with the flagships and introduce the glass and metal body which would seem as a very good competitor against Samsung and iPhone.

  2. The Apple iPhone 6s has many bugs in the most commonly used built in applications, a worse touch experience than my old 3Gs had, and Siri (Dragon Naturally Speaking) is a complete letdown. Their Maps, besides being much worse than Google, is now even worse that they dropped the hybrid mode. Seeing landmarks is very beneficial to navigation, in every possible situation. I went from a HTC One M8 to an iPhone 6s 6 months ago. I use it for work which is running multiple apps, needing to use hands free voice activation (calls/texts/apps), and constant navigation. It really pisses me off. I should have bought a Nexus. I'll give Apple one more try, next October when I get to trade up. I actually had to install Google Maps to use it as a professional navigation device.

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