LG G5 : Jason Statham Commercial

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32 Comments on LG G5 : Jason Statham Commercial

  1. that s the new LG G5 baby it s a powerful phone ! for me it s gonna be better than Samsung S7 , LG is known for his strength and endurance ! the proof is i have an LG Optimums L7 since if i remember well 11/2013 and it s still working well , of course it s slower comparing to many new phones due to his small ram 390MB and sometimes lag but it s working good i will give it 7/10 according to my personal experience ! one more thing his battery is powerful sometimes when it get too low for ex 1% and i let it rest for a while without charging it and without turning it off when i check it after 30 minutes for ex it reach about 25 up to 30 % and it could last an extra day !!! so powerful, let s talk about music with a good headphone plug in you can enjoy the stereo and the bass with up to 10 hours of music ! videos for me it has a great smooth videos ! it needs a bigger Ram and memory !

  2. I saw this on TV, and I pointed out that the background song was Hatsune Miku's Levan Polka, then everyone at my house looked at me, then I hat to explain who Hatsune Miku was and what a vocaloid was. I thought that it was so cool that Miku was on TV. It was just like the time I went to Target, and I saw an Attack on Titan poster, and fangirled so much. So my mom asked what I was so excited about. I showed her the poster and I had to explain what anime was and what Attack on Titan was and what it was about. God, old people are so old they can't even understand these things from the 21st century!!! XD

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