LG G5 – FINAL Leaks & Rumors!

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LG G5 – Specs, Camera, Design, Display, Release Date & Price

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42 Comments on LG G5 – FINAL Leaks & Rumors!

  1. I have the LG V10 which also has the buttons on the back. i had to get used to the switching of the power and volume rockers. i am used to them being on the sides since i used to have the Nexus 5. It is a big change and you will need to get used to it. But this phone looks very pleasing.

  2. why always compare to g4 when the v10 is the latest model and has fingerprint scanner at the back with no issue for me with the functionality and with removable battery and sd card slot. lg g5 spec is wise but the design build. v10 is i guess underrated phone. it has a good build as for my opinion and user rather than the g2 and g3. specially the old school side buttons. i dont know. i still prefer my back buttons. from g2 to g3 to v10. just my opinion. still i know lot of guys loving the side button rather than the back ones.?✌

  3. People are so stupid and freaking biased
    We can't have the best of both worlds… But when lg or OnePlus or other innovating plus cheap companies strives to deliver a smartphone having most of the stuff for a reasonable price… These freaking Samsung and apple fans down other's by saying… Faults like bad ui etc etc…. These people are like crocodiles… They won't let another company have the crown… Although their own company is out of ideas and making stupidest of the phones ever… (changing design in s6, change in dimension of iphone, getting the best camera Sensor from sony(not their own innovation or something)) this is all what these company has done in the past 2 years nothing else(stupid water (s7) protection which was copied from older sony devices–this is innovation? What the freak is there to rave about this?) … Still they think these mediocre additions is greater than others helpful and innovative additions like LG's camera plus battery mount able cover, highfy DAC for superior superb sound output,, superb front camera, superb control over video and camera mode, freaking removable battery in previous devices, OnePlus has providedd super cheap phones, etc…
    Still they think that Samsung and iPhone is superior which fools them with their stupid devices…

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