LG G4 vs. HTC One M9

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The LG G4 and HTC One M9 are two of the hottest smartphones of early 2015. But which one deserves a place in your pocket? Find out in our comparison video.


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32 Comments on LG G4 vs. HTC One M9

  1. my g4 got ran over by a car and im definitely not dropping money for a full retail price g4 so i got a cheap m8 used, which is not too much different from an m9. I hope it is just as good

  2. I have LG k7 it is good does nit glitch costs 100 doolors t mobile 1.5 ram 8 megapixels rear camera 5 megapixels front facing camera does not glitch you should consider buying this phone instead of spending $400 please comment if agree

  3. i had the m7 and the m8 i just recently got the g4. couldn't be happier its fast smooth and the screen is awesome. the sound is good its not boom sound but its average. the leather backing is amazing i feel like i never want to put the phone down. Plus the camera oh my…oh my the camera is awesome. I rarely took pictures with the m8 the dual camera seemed like a good idea but it always said the the second camera was covered. Now if i could only run sense on the g4 i think this would be the perfect phone. oh and now there is no difference between the m8 and m9 with the recent update to Android 6.0 and sense 7. so if you have the m8 and want the m9 i wouldn't recommend it.

  4. I plan on getting a new phone soon and had decide on either getting the LG G4 or HTC One M9, but I can't decide which one I prefer since I never had any of the previous phones. I am currently looking for a phone that has good call quality, speaker phone – I have poor hearing so I alternate between listening on ear and speaker phone, and battery life (I will need good battery life that could last more than 12 hours for my job).

    I rarely usemy phone for anything else beside calling and texting, so I don't care about the design, screen size, camera, and so on and I'm not into gaming on my phone. I've been looking at reviews of both phones and I was leaning towards the LG G4, but I keep switch between the two based on some of the reviews I read or watch, can someone tell me which one I should get?

  5. I'm trying to decide between these two. I like the "productivity" elements of the G4, since I don't do social media but do use my phone for scheduling and researching when I'm out, etc. But I do love the build of the M9 and, from the little I've seen, the tidiness of the OS. I'm pretty gentle on my devices, but do ride a motorcycle and such, so I can't have something overly fragile. I also talk on speaker quite a bit, so that sways me towards the M9. But I also like the larger screen on the G4 lol. Tough decision, since they're the same price point.

  6. I'm still with the m7 as well… I don't really need the speakers since I either use my Bluetooth speakers or headphones. And the battery on m7 has gone to shit. The camera has always been bad so I'm definitely going for the G4. Gotta try something new.

  7. I was a loyalist to HTC had them all up to m8. due to the m8 two of them having a problimatic in call speaker problem they were returned. So, I got the LG G4 after comparing it with other competitors. I am so UNBELIEVABLY HAPPY with the LG G4 I can't believe it. As for the camera it's unreal and video is the same UNREAL. The phone overal is simply the best phone I have ever owned. it's as smooth as water, light, big nice screen with a slight concave that's just awesome, the leather back gives outstanding grip (still otterboxing it due to possible mishaps damage to circuts welds so on). the speaker is not so bad and remember I'm an ex HTC client used to boom sound. the LG G4 lacks the fullness but if you play with the built in equalizer and the surround sound for me nails it so it's not an issue. Excellent product and am glad I switched though it wasn't by choice it was by damaged HTC product.

  8. I just purchased the LG G4 2 days ago. I was coming from an Htc one m7, which had fantastic speakers and a 1080p screen. Naturally i was looking at the Htc one m9 but truth be told, the single speaker on the back of the g4 is not as bad as people say it is. The screen on the g4 was just breathtaking in comparison as well as the natural placement of the rear buttons. The removable battery and sd card slot are awesome. I can't see a reason one wouldn't be happy with either of these phones though. At this price level they all are pretty much winners.

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