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Arguably two of the best looking devices on the market – we put the LG G3 and the HTC One M8 to the test to see which one comes out on top!

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35 Comments on LG G3 VS HTC One M8

  1. Let's make this quick.  HTC One M8 wins. I had a lot of experience with androids.
    I had 2 HTC phones the M7 later the M8. I had a LG G2 (that sucked) then a LG G3.
    The HTC One M8 will always win because of his sound speaker and because of his quality also the customization. HTC One M8 could be better than the Iphone 6.
    All the people that use smartphones complain that their smartphones doesn't have a good battery life. I recommend HTC One M8 for Battery. Wouldn't anybody want to use a phone for hours without having to charge it?
    Speaker, customization and battery life already convince you that The HTC One M8 is the ideal phone.

  2. I need help.
    I am having a dilemma over what phone to get, the m8 or the g3? I really need someone's input on which phone to get. Also, if someone could tell me the pros on cons of each that would be great, thanks.

  3. deciding between these 2 right now. the one looks like it has a better experience and I hear the g3 tends to overheat, so the one is the frontrunner for now.

  4. The bezel is the future but the screen contrast cannot compare even to the iPhone 6+ which I sold my G3 and bought the iP6+ after using it for 2 months. If screen size/bezel is your main concern get it but if screen brightness and contrast is a priority get the Samsung GN4 or iPhone 6+. I just couldn't take covering the display in daylight hours in order to see it any more. Otherwise top marks. Also be aware ATT screws you over forcing you to buy a cheap folding case if you want wireless charging. I dropped my G3 3 feet off the toilet and the screen cracked with the case on; another reason why I sold it.

  5. Ended up Purchasing the LG G3 over the HTC one m8
    The m8 specs and features seem a bit outdated and somewhat old
    Not to mention a mediocre camera even though I do not use a camera and I just use my mobile phone for browsing the net, social media , Sms text messages and of course phone calls
    And another a plus point is that yes the m8 does feel premium and has great mobile phone Speakers and who uses their mobile phone Speakers to listen certainly not me I listen to content music films etc either on my high end headphones or I connect it via Bluetooth on my portable Bluetooth Speakers or I use my Western digital live that has built in youtube netflex, amazon, u stream daily motion etc which any connect to any computer or tablet and ipad air

    So since the htc one m8 specs and features already seems a but outdated and in the next six months this mobile phone woukd be that great for optimal performance and experience
    Let's see how the htc one m9 will be when it's released next month but even then for 2015 you can't go wrong with the already best phone of the year The LG G3 and it already proven to be better than the nexus 6

    I predict the Sony xperia z4 will be better than the HTC one M9

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