Lenovo Zuk Z2 pro Unboxing & Hands-on Review [ENG/CHS SUBS]

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Thanks for watching Lenovo Zuk Z2 pro Unboxing & Hands-on Review.
Any questions, please leave a comment below. My next review will be based on the comments.
Chinese subtitles available for viewers from China 🙂
New update from one of the founders, they are planning Cyanogenmod for international version.

37 Comments on Lenovo Zuk Z2 pro Unboxing & Hands-on Review [ENG/CHS SUBS]

  1. gaming review mate and camera review..audio quality..i will subscribe to your channel coz i've waited a few weeks to see any hands on or unboxing of the z2 pro..

  2. Many thanks for your review!! If I will buy it from China and once, when international FW will be available, do you think I will be able to flash international FW on this chinese phone? Is it possible to install google play on this chinese version?

  3. Good unboxing and good english! Does it have FM radio? Could you make a video test? More photos? Can you upload the so that we can see them in full resolution? Thanks man and have fun!

  4. Good video, pls more vids about the zuk 2 pro. Pls can you make a foto and 4k video in low light review about the zuk 2 pro? Does the zuk 2 pro have a notification led? thx!!!

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