Lenovo Vibe Shot hands-on: A camera phone that is and isn’t

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Watch our hands-on video of the Lenovo Vibe Shot as part of our MWC 2015 coverage from Barcelona.


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41 Comments on Lenovo Vibe Shot hands-on: A camera phone that is and isn’t

  1. "cant wait to get it for review"…….while u guys r making me wait for a review which wont come,i went and got one .AND DAYUM ITS AWESOME,THE CAMERA IS AWESOME. guys give it a shot.

  2. Just Woooo . Very good looking fone . I'll definitely buy this beauty whenever it got aired in India . Expecting it to get launched in June 2015 ( India ) . This fone is much better than Samsung s6 and Edge in terms of Beauty , Hardware , Software etc . One suggestion 4r Samsung kindly reduce ur Price . Now ur making good looking fone but u still lacked in terms of price . 

  3. ufff that UI.. every android phone should come with the ability to unlock the bootloader, and the ability to install google stock software. companies would just upload their custom apps to play store, and everything is beautiful that way.

  4. It wasn't true when Jobs said it about the iPhone 4, it isn't true about the Lenovo. These phones don't look like Leicas. If anything this Lenovo has a Sony feeling to them. Which isn't a bad thing, it is quite beautiful.

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