Lenovo ThinkPad P70 Review

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Lisa Gade reviews Lenovo’s first mobile Intel Xeon laptop, the ThinkPad P70. This is a 7.6 lb. 17” mobile workstation for product design and engineering, CAD, 3D, financial simulations, movie editing and more. For those who prefer something smaller, there’s the Lenovo ThinkPad P50, a 5.6 lb. 15.6” version with the same features except its dedicated graphics that cap at the NVIDIA Quadro M2000M vs. the M4000M 4GB in our P70– we’ll review the ThinkPad P50 separately.

The P70 starts at $1,860, and our higher end model sells for $3,500. It’s available with a 1080p or 4K matte non-touch display with high color gamut and optional X-Rite calibration device built into the keyboard deck.

The ThinkPad P70 is available with Intel Skylake 6th generation quad core i7 CPUs or our 2.8 GHz Intel Xeon E3-1505M v5 quad core CPU. Either way, you’re getting a 45 watt CPU with Intel 530 graphics, but the Xeon is clocked a bit higher, supports ECC RAM and has a larger 8MB cache vs….

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  1. Thanks for the review after watching your video I order one from Lenovo p70, BUT  had to return it due to it did not having the raid built in to the bios you have to order the raid from the factory otherwise it will not come the raid in the bios, also you spend all this $$$ on a laptop and you can not see the fan RPM but still a really nice laptop…

  2. xrite only works once,then says too replace your panel ,plus other errors .you need to uninstall reinstall the software for it to work again.there are no updates for it either,so its useless

  3. Hi Lisa – is the 4k display panel IGZO ??? there are complaints on Lenovo forums that its subpar when compared to Dell P 7501 4k screen and Dell explicitly mentions its an IGZO panel on their site .
    Can you please do smack down between Lenovo P50 Vs Dell Precision 7510 .

  4. Hey Lisa, I was wondering if the Lenovo P50 would be decent for computer for Autodesk Maya usage? I'm not using it for say – universal studios kind of rendering, but more so for biomedical modeling. I would really like it to be my daily driver so any advise with that would be great.

    Thanks :)

  5. Internal specs: Thinkpad P70, External: Surface notebook, OS: X El Capitan and then shut up and take my money hahaha
    ma am have you tested the battery life with a Xeon processor and 64gb ram config????

  6. Why do companies keep doing the "service hatch" thing. It is so much easier to just remove the whole bottom of the chassis. The external batter is welcome though.

  7. can you please do a quick demonstration of the pen/touchscreen option that they have for the P70? Oh and also do you have to choose the touchscreen option to use it? I think it's called the thinkpad pen pro and it should be compatible.

  8. Besides the size of the screen, you pointed out the main difference between the 17" and the 15" is the graphics. My primary purpose for buying one of these would be for trading stocks, which involves lots of charts. I have no idea how graphics intensive drawing charts is for a laptop. Would there be a noticeable difference between the two computers as to how fast each draws a chart, or numerous charts? How about when watching videos, any difference in displaying, say, hi def videos? Thanks in advance, Lisa, or anyone.

  9. Please suggest Mobile Workstation 15'' or 15.6" for Engineering work : Schematic using AutoCad or ePlan P8 and 3D modelling using Inventor Pro
    Lenovo ThinkPad P50 vs HP ZBook Studio vs Dell Precision vs Apple Mac Book Pro?

  10. I've been looking at the W550s, but I see it shows as "Sold Out" on Lenovo website. Is the P50 the rough replacement for the W550? Specs seem more or less in line, and with same battery options, I assume it will have similar battery life.

  11. $3200 could get you i7 6700, 8gb RAM, Quadro M5000m, 4k screen no ssd in this config, upgrade it later. what's important is the m5000m, it cost $1200 just for the video card.

  12. They included a color calibrator right into the laptop!! Why would anybody do that?! Do you do color calibration like twice per day? They should have put an infrared camera by the way, must be much more useful.

  13. Finally, a review for this laptop… and a good one too. Thank you. Btw, you said, at some point in the vid, that your P70 is maxed out but you can actually get an even stronger GPU (Quadro M5000M).
    Please consider doing a review for the ThinkPad P40 Yoga as well. It looks awsome. Might be the best of all worlds, for (non heavy duty, but yet still) professionals and creative casual users, alike.

  14. Fantastic review Lisa! Were you able to try out the 1080 touch version with the Thinkpad Pro Pen? Honestly though, this has to be one of the most impressive laptops I've seen in a long time. A 17 inch display, Nvidia card, and a thinkpad pro pen. This sounds like a designer/3d content creator/video editor portable dream machine.

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