Lenovo Tech World 2016: Bigger, Better, Bolder

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Lenovo Tech World is back and it’s bigger, better, bolder. Watch this video for a sneak peek: Lenovo will launch the first smartphone with Project Tango. Moto will transform mobile in a snap. Plus more. Tune into the livestream on June 9.

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  1. What is going to be released?, I need to know beforehand! I was DISGUSTED in the LENOVO YOGA HOME 900 having a 5th generation processor, only 8GB RAM, not even a 1TB SSD Drive especially seeing that Residential End Users actually need to store documents, music, photos, videos etc. on the unit as well as in the Cloud, but still accessible should they not be within a Wi-Fi Network or Wi-Fi Hotspot, yet it is also a useful tool for an individual whom is to start a BUSINESS from an IDEA! So Lenovo don't even think of the BOX, but the UNIVERSE! I have had a Brain Injury in 1989 and broke my Back in 1991 both accidents affected my life and personality! I won't support a computer manufacturer whom doesn't care about everybody!

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