Lenovo K4 Note + VR Headset Initial Impressions

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In this video i will go hands on with the newly announced Lenovo K4 Note.
Lenovo has also partnered with a company for the VR Headset and i also went hands on with that as well.!


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41 Comments on Lenovo K4 Note + VR Headset Initial Impressions

  1. hello sir,
    i am facing problem with the cast screen issue when ever i connect lenovo k4 note it get disconnected so what is problem in this can i receive faulty mobile? so please help me….

  2. can any video can be split in two frames in k4 note to use it with vr headsets…? can 2d videos can be split into two frames just like it splits 3d videos

  3. can we split the screen into two frames of any video like 2d or or any other videos other than 3d video.. can any normal video can be split in vr mode?

  4. Please clear this doubt immediately Does the virtual gyro sensor in the phone support head tracking in VR apps?
    Does the gyro allow head tracking in photosphere or youtube 360 degree????
    It's really important then only i will buy today.

  5. hi ,

    Does it support fast charging and if so will they provide "rocket charger" in the box as Vibe P1 ?

    does it support micro sd card and dual sim separate also ?

    does support gujarati language ?

    replay please….

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